Clients come to us not just for our ability to create customised Magento e-commerce stores with an engaging user experience, but also to draw on our knowledge, help, and support.

Magento E-Commerce

We have been involved in Magento e-commerce design and development since its release in 2008, and have an experienced multi-disciplined team to help you achieve your goals. We have worked with a variety of clients and delivered interactive e-commerce websites that are feature rich, robust and scalable.

Clients come to us not just for our ability to create customised Magento e-commerce stores with an engaging user experience, but also to draw on our knowledge, help, and support.

Need a guide to help you control your store? No problem! We provide user manuals tailored to your website that cover the key aspects of managing your operation. Don’t have time to run your store on a day to day basis? We can provide telephone support to help you focus on getting the most from your investment.



When you login to the administration area for the first time you have so many options at your disposal it is easy to be overwhelmed.

Regardless of whether you are uploading products, creating a discount code, or reviewing the day’s sales performance, there is a process that has to be followed.

Some of these tasks you will do over and over until it becomes second nature. Some actions are only done once every so often, and it is all to easy to be confused by the order in which to create a block, assign a widget, apply to a product and so on.

We provide on request a user guide that takes you through the management of your e-commerce website. Unlike generic online tutorials that explain how to create a basic product, the user guide describes how to control your content. The steps are explained in short sentences, with a screenshot for every significant action so the reader can easily match what they have done with the instructions provided. The guide is written with business owners in mind; jargon is kept to a minimum, and sections are clearly labelled.


Money on the move

The rise of the smartphone, the battle between Apple and Google to be the main mobile phone operating system and the increasing power of handsets mean that surfing websites from phones will become as common place as browsing from a computer.

Analysts predict that by 2017 there will be $1 trillion (1,000,000,000,000) dollars worth of goods purchased each year on mobile devices , and the banking giants are getting ready for mobile payments to become mainstream.

Mobile specific pages, or a fully responsive website will pay for itself as customers make their purchases where and how they feel comfortable. When planned carefully the design can look as great on a mobile as it does on a desktop, and you don’t have to sacrifice features either.


Measuring & Monitoring

After you understand your customers’ behaviours and trends within your industry you must ensure that you are proactive in driving customers to your website and gaining traffic. You must be prepared to run targeted campaigns to your database or through advertising online.

Every campaign needs to be monitored to track its success. Magento enables you to connect the website to Google Analytics so you are able to track and monitor customer behaviour and any sale gainied. You will be able to drill down to where the transaction came from. Shopping cart price rules also enable you to track what discount codes were used, so if a specific code was used in a campaign, you can see how many sales were gained.

We will guide you through the power of Magento and ensure you utilise all the features so that you are on a winning track!


Great Management Tools

All these benefits are combined with a powerful CMS to give you greater control over managing your store as well as the ability to process orders efficiently.

We also have extensive experience in integrating Magento with other business systems, e.g. CRM and ERP systems, order management and inventory systems and delivery systems.