Digital Marketing

We can provide you with a complete branding strategy through specific creative elements that work within predefined brand guidelines making building credibility easier and giving you a strong digital platform to market your business.


Creative elements are the identity that becomes part of your organisation philosophy; a representation of your culture allowing a single unified impression of who you are and where you are going.

We can provide you with a complete branding strategy through specific creative elements that work within predefined brand guidelines making building credibility easier and giving you a strong digital platform to market your business.

Our reputation has been built on our ability to imagine and deliver excellent creative work on a variety of different platforms including Websites, Social, Email, Mobile and Print. This is achieved by using our established process to transform your existing brand and identity into attractive interface designs.ts.



Using social analytical tools we create a range of social strategies to help identify with your current marketing programme, from identifying pockets of new communities that contain potential new customers through to campaigns that drive proactively monitor your brand reputation to ensure you can react to any negative comments.

Whichever strategy you choose we will put together a plan for you that shows you how to engage through social in the right way to build brand presence. For example our social Accelerate product allows you to monitor and engage with the noise being generated through multiple social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Forums, News, Blogs, YouTube etc.

The second stage of the strategy is to provide you with the content your different audiences want to receive. We can track the content through social analysis and allows us to act on what we hear in real time. It is through regular distribution through multiple social platforms that connects different communities.

Your social noise is then analysed and fed back into your campaign allowing us to act on what we hear in real-time.

As well as the noise already being generated we run marketing activities at the same time to create more noise around your brand, this is then seen as a spike in the monitoring allowing us to see how well the marketing performed and what could be improved.

After the strategy has been researched and set up we provide monitoring and reporting on your social profiles allowing you to build up a picture of your audience.



Search marketing relates to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Cost Per Click (CPC) activity where we drive customers from search engines i.e. Google or Bing to your site either through organic or paid listings. We have hired the best talent in this field allowing us to respond to any marketing requirement based on growing the right traffic and building relevancy.


Search marketing provides keyword research and analysis to optimise your website effectively and forms the underlying data that builds the Search Engine Optimisation campaign into high search ranking and low competition keywords.

But it’s not just about achieving rankings. We’ll also build a more user-friendly environment, and devise content which creates that all-important interest. Generating higher quality (not just more) traffic and directing users on search engines straight to the content they want. In short we’ll use SEO to maximise your website’s potential, increase brand recognition and build a lasting relationship with your customers.

Our results will stand out through the tactical approach we have to defining which keywords to use for your site in the first stage of the Search activity.



Paid advertising campaigns are focused on:

Image & Text ads placed on a display network
Keyword Targeted PPC ads
Retargeting: Serving ads to previous visitors to the site

After selecting the keywords we optimise all sites and then continually evolve the keywords by working out which keywords drive conversions. We then we repeat this process until we reach a range of successful keywords that are driving in quality traffic and leading to the best conversion.

We end up building a comprehensive PPC campaign for all sites, with lots of ads, keywords and testing to improve cost efficiency. If you aren’t on top of the campaign, or even ahead of it, the paid for traffic can either deteriorate markedly or the quality of it.

This includes your website’s quality score which is a way to make the quality of your keywords, adwords and landing pages relevant to your target audience. The importance of Quality Score can best be described in this short video by Google.

We break down the search management into

Day to day administration
Checking ad placement
Competitive research
Quality score checks
Tweaks and improvements
Ad copy testing
Changes based on topical industry news



Successful email campaigns are based on having relevant data, and the more relevant and accurate the better your campaign will perform. Data can relate to the segmentation of your customers, through to having accurate email addresses from trusted sources.

We will Design & Build your HTML email templates and then integrate them into our Email Marketing platform ready for deployment. Either of us can then manage the distribution of the campaign on a regular basis either through obtaining data or uploading your email lists, deduping and sending.

Reporting shows valuable insight; we are able to monitor the success of the campaign and see how results can be enhanced.